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Israeli settlers - who live illegally on Palestinian land and shouldn’t be there in the first place - regularly destroy and uproot olive trees belonging to Palestinians, often striking at night to go unnoticed.

Olive trees are a livelihood for many families, and a key component of the Palestinian economy. That’s how they are meant to survive. 

These attacks are by no means limited to agriculture. They also burn and vandalize churchesmosques, homescars and… cemeteries

I saved the worst for last. Israeli soldiers escort Israeli settlers to attack Palestinians then stand by and watch, if not join in too

According to the UN the annual rate of Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians has almost quadrupled in eight years.

GIFs from 5 Broken Cameras (2011)

This makes me sad! Why!





Awwwwwww cutie

that awkward moment when deadpool is a better person than you because you would have just stole the pizza and not given a fuck

dead pool isn’t really a villian like, most of his comics  are just being like a slightly mentally challenged selfish 5 year old with an incredibly dirty mind who hits on spiderman all the time and is aware at all times of the forth wall. oh and it is literally impossible to kill him so he gets a bit reckless at times

Captain Chaotic Neutral.

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Anonymous asked:

Girls when you have your period can u become male or will taht fuck your reproductive system up?

Link: Umm….. We can still become dudes but we have this brutal condition where blood oozes out of our dongs after. Its like more brutal than a Dethklok concert.


More pokeball pendants today, this time with Arcanine as a request and Mega Alakazam… because I like him.

Alakazam has been one of my favorites since I first started playing pokemon (I called him Spoon Guy back then, haha), so it’s sad to me that he doesn’t get any love now. It’s strange, since he used to be so popular in Red and Blue. He doesn’t even have any decent stuffed toys. ;_;

Oh yeah, if anyone knows any about any Alakazam stuff that I can get I’d love to know. All I can find is this one plush that I don’t really love and this one tiny figurine. ;_;

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Pokemon Themed Pokeball Pendants

Image source:


I made some more pokemon themed pokeballs based on what you guys seem to like! Mega Lucario, Mega Banette and Mega Mawile.

I kinda feel bad for Lucario on my X team since I always tease him with pokepuffs (if you hold it just out of his reach he swipes his arm at it).

As always, let me know what other pokemon you want to see with their own balls, if a pokemon gets enough requests I’ll give it its own pokeball! :D

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Pokemon Themed Pokeball Pendants

Image source:

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